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This community is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Marie Pope and her writings
Elizabeth Marie Pope

Author of nonfiction book:

Paradise Regained: The Tradition and the Poem (1947)

And Novels:

The Sherwood Ring (1958)


The Perilous Gard (1974) A Newbery Honor Book

(Which is, in my opinion, the best novel of all time!)

If you have read these books and love them as much as I do, please join this community to honor the memory of this immortal author.

Elizabeth Marie Pope was born on May 1, 1917 in Washington, DC to Christopher Herman Pope and Florence Anna Thompson Pope. Throughout her life she was a scholar who specialized in Elizabethan England and the writings of men like Shakespeare and Milton. In 1940 she graduated from Bryn Mawr College, where she earned her A.B. Then she went on to Johns Hopkins University, for her Ph.D. graduating in 1944. She then became a professor of English for Mills College, Oakland, CA. Where she taught for 38 years before retiring on June 30, 1982.

She was a member of the following:
American Association of University Professors,
Renaissance Society,
Mediaeval Society of America,
Society for Creative Anachronism

She left this world at the age of 75 on August 4, 1992 in Biddleford, York County, Maine. She was survived by her younger sister Mary and brother Wilmot and their respective families.

I have worked on converting The Perilous Gard into a screenplay, off and on for about 2 years, but I am now considering writing to Walden Media (the makers of Narnia, Holes, Bridge to Terabithia, and other such movies) and asking them to consider doing it as one of their next movies. They probably would since it is a Newbery Honor Book, and they are all about making movies based on the kind of good literature that is promoted by teachers. And I'm sure with their growing reputation they would have a much easier time attaining the rights to the story from whomever owns them now. (I suspect her brother Wilmot, who is now, as far as I know, the only one left in her family as her sister died a few years after Ms. Pope)

I hope that this little community will become a very enjoyable place for Elizabeth Marie Pope's fans to congregate, discuss and celebrate her great life's work. I am hoping to also post assignments like asking the members (who want to participate) to post their own art of the books' places and characters, so we can all enjoy how each of us envision the worlds that Elizabeth has opened to our minds.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to contribute to this community, feel free to post them. I am looking forward to meeting other readers who enjoy E. M. Pope's books as much as I do.

P.s. I only consider myself Elizabeth Marie Pope's biggest fan because I've read The Perilous Gard at least 17 times, since I discovered it nine years ago. It is my all time favorite fantasy/historical fiction/mystery/Christian and slightly, but not overly romantic Novel.

P.P.S. I also enjoy The Sherwood Ring, and hope to acquire a copy of Paradise Regained in the near future.


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