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Fanfiction: The Perilous Gard Ballad

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Source: http://www.speakeasy.org/~mamandel/filks/PerilousGard.html
  1. `Nine and twenty ladies served in the Queen's hall,
            Follow, my love, come in at the door!
    But `bonnie Katherine Sutton was the flower among them all,
            And we'll never go down to the Well any more.
  2. Queen `Mary decreed in her anger and her pride
            Follow, my love, ...
    Lady `Katherine at the Perilous Gard must abide.
            And we'll never ...
  3. There the `fairy folk have stolen the lord's wee child away,
    On `All Hallows' Eve a teind for to pay.
  4. But the `young lord's gone down to the Well in her stead,
    And `now they are schooling him to be of the dead.
  5. One `night as he lay in his cell down in the stone,
    `Lady Katherine heard him a-makin' his moan.
  6. "O `Katherine, fair Katherine, how came you here?"
    "The `steward betrayed me for greed and for fear."
  7. "O `Katherine, fair Katherine, you cannot set me free,
    But I would have you come every night and speak to me."
  8. One `night when she came there to speak with him alone,
    His `cell it stood open and the young lord was gone.
  9. "'Tis the `eve of All Hallows," fair Katherine did cry,
    "And I `fear they have taken off the young lord to die."
  10. She `ran through the fairy halls as best she knew how,
    Going `out by the oak leaf with never a bough.
  11. She `spied from afar where the great fire gleamed
    To `take the young lord's life in the paying of the teind.
  12. He `rode to the middle of the fairy people's ring
    All in `gold and in jewels like a statue of a king.
  13. They be`spoke and bespelled him to cast his life away,
    But `boldly Katherine answered every word they did say.
  14. "Be `nothing, O, be nothing," said the Guardian in grey.
    "Be a `man," said fair Katherine, "and live another day."
  15. "You have `made your life a ruin, now leave it all behind."
    "Don't `let him rob your will, you've done nothing of the kind."
  16. "Like a `god we give you honor in the golden things you wear."
    "You `look more like the gingerbread they sell down at the fair!"
  17. "O `Katherine, fair Katherine, you have broken their spell,
    And `brought me back alive from the threshold of Hell!"
  18. Now the `young lord is master of a manor rich and wide,
    And `Katherine is his lady fair, always at his side.
  19. And the `Holy Well is drownded and the fairy people fled,
    Never`more to pay a teind of the living to the dead.
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On February 24th, 2012 11:03 pm (UTC), icepixyjewels commented:
That's pretty cool! I never thought of finishing the ballad.
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